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It’s no secret that San Antonio is a hot-bed for growth right now. As such, there are plenty of new businesses popping up around the city. Unfortunately, for any new business, generating new clients and customers isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

Aside from the usual issues of trying to profitably run a new business, your competition already has a leg up on you when it comes to advertising and just public awareness. You could certainly start small and try to offer your services at a discount just to start drumming up business. You could also take ads out in the newspapers or rent one of the many billboards around the city; however, most of those ventures could become quite costly.

blank billboardWhen it comes to newspaper ads, billboards, radio ad, etc., there is a lot of waste. How often do you find yourself driving by a billboard and take the time, not only to read it, but to actually take in the message it is representing? The fact is, with an advertising campaign similar to that, you’re trying to blanket your message to as many people as possible; however, the only ones that will take notice are typically those that are currently in need of what you are offering. The same goes for newspaper or radio ads – often they are small and insignificant to the point that most people will never notice.

This turns the attention of advertising options to online. There are certainly several options when it comes to online marketing: social marketing, PPC (pay-per-click), and SEO (search engine optimization) are the typical methods of marketing.

Social MarketingSocial networking and PPC typically end up being very similar. With typical PPC with search engines, you often choose key phrases/words that you are targeting and your ad may be shown when someone searches for those specific terms. When they are shown your ad, it is typically clearly marked as an ad (which may turn some people off right off the bat). The positive with this is that your ad can be shown as many times as possible and you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. Social networking is similar in structure; however, depending on your source (typically Facebook), you can actually decide the demographics of who you want your ad to be shown to. You can choose by age, gender, and interests, as well as location. The downside? Who wants to buy something while catching up with friends? Furthermore, if you offer emergency services or repair services, most people tend to not go to Facebook to seek you out.

That leaves SEO. SEO, essentially, is specific tweaks to your website and specific off-site backlinking in order to affect where your website ranks for search terms related to your business and what your website is about. More often than not, you would hire a firm to handle your SEO needs as it can be an involved process. If done properly, a good SEO agent can begin to move your site in the rankings within a week. Depending on the competition, you could even see your website move to the number 1 position for several key phrases. Having your site in the number one spot is crucial when possible. Typically, most people will click on the top 3 results, often disregarding the remainder of the results, and very rarely making it past the first page. Having your site appear number 1 for high-volume searches could bring hundreds or even thousands of sets of eyes viewing your page and possibly calling you or purchasing what you have to sell. To top it off, you know these viewers are interested in what you have because they have already actively searched for it online.

You can find San Antonio’s top SEO firm, Mallery Online Marketing at the forefront of helping businesses ascend the rankings and begin to dominate their competition.

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